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Media Page for “Freedom after the sharks”

In his first book, “Freedom after the sharks”, Geoff tells the story of a man who, despite a difficult family life and professional setbacks, developed the determination, drive and skills to create a successful business and happy life. “Freedom after the sharks” shows how, even in a declining economy, a business can survive and even succeed.

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The press release is here.

Media Page for “Meaningful Conversations”

In his second book, “Meaningful Conversations”, Geoff provides a holistic overview of the essential leading methods of techniques. It will provide you with a hands on guide for business professionals and those in higher education.

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Media Page for “Journeys to Success – Volume 9″

In his third book, “Journeys to Success – Volume 9”, Geoff provides his chapter ‘Striving for an Ultimate Goal’ which is a powerful seed for resilience, spiritual awakening and plain determination in the face of powerful events. The series has sold over 100 million copies in various formats including ebooks, hardback, and paperback, apps and audiobooks.

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