Freedom after the sharks (1st book)

In his first book, “Freedom after the sharks”, Geoff Hudson-Searle tells the story of a man who, despite a difficult family life and professional setbacks, developed the determination, drive and skills to create a successful business and happy life. “Freedom after the sharks” shows how, even in a declining economy, a business can survive and even succeed. It covers some real-life experiences and offers some suggestions for dealing with problems and issues. It provides a guide to finding your way in the business world.

The book is suitable for entrepreneurs who might not be sure of the path to take or who want to benefit from other people’s mistakes and failures. Other audiences include middle management or junior executives who are looking for a fascinating life story of courage, drive and inspiration, as well as graduates and college students, who will find information that will help prepare them for their careers.

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***** A man who leaves a lasting impression!

To my excitement, it was such a great pleasure to have met Mr. Hudson-Searle’s acquaintance and to be able to read up on his background just proves why he is so humble. There are people in this world we meet that hits us in such a powerful impactful manner, you wonder how they got to be where they are today. My curiosity was fed by reading his story from his childhood to growing into such a successful businessman. His ventures teaches us to never give up. What a great read!

***** Inspiring read for entrepreneurs

If you’ve ever started your own business or are thinking about it, Geoffrey Hudson-Searle’s book will inspire you to keep plugging through the challenges that face every entrepreneur.

***** A Reality Check for would be Entrepreneurs

There are too many people who blame a poor start on problems in later life. This book shows how early years adversity can be turned around, that success is earned and that it needs constant graft and expertise to keep it flowing. A very readable, honest and enjoyable book.

***** An Impressive book!

A true self analysis and evaluation was courageously demonstrated in the book. The book was interesting, meaningful and full of inspirations. It is a SELF JOURNEY that you positively highlighted. Congratulations!

***** Discover the secret to succeeding in your business life

The read of Geoffrey’s experiences is one that we see in SME businesses whether we admit to it or not, the book describes how irrespective of what background or circumstance you can succeed, the question whether you admit to or not is how much do you want to succeed. Life, career and setting up your own business takes courage, guts, drive and determination, a great read for those people in any walk of life considering change or transformation in their life, it delivers the tools, what to do and what not to do, but importantly has a good read to take you on the journey with an inspired ending, highly energized read for the serious entrepreneur.

***** Freedom After the Sharks is written by man who knows all about Sharks!

I like the refreshing openness and knowledge. Written by a City man through and through who tells you exactly how it is in business and how to get through tough times while still being investor ready and making money. A must for all those in business.

***** Amazing book! Brilliant author!

I would most definitely recommend this book, it is a wonderfully well written story! Very inspiring, it shows that in spite of all adversities one can have a successful career and a fulfilling life!

**** Great book about ‘real life’

Too often you read books only about the great business successes of our time. But for every one of the great businesses out there about 1000 fail. This books takes you on a journey that most entrepreneurs take whether they admit it or not. Nice read.

***** A must read for all budding entrepreneurs

This is not an ordinary read, it is a bible for those who are or want to be entrepreneurs.

We hear few success stories but there are millions of unheard stories of failures too. The author takes us through ups and downs of the mission of being an entrepreneur. It not only can help us understand what not to do but also tells us what to Style of writing is very fresh and looks like lot of research and personal experiences are the key ingredients.