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European CEO – 15th July, 2020
Geoff Hudson-Searle features in an article ‘Companies must handle layoffs with care – especially in a pandemic’ His leadership-piece focuses on business operations in covid-19. Businesses do not operate in an ideal world, redundancies and furloughs are an unfortunate fact of life, so businesses need to be as prepared as possible to manage expectations and with compassion and purpose.
Original: European CEO
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CEO Today Magazine – July, 2020
International Business and Executive Management Limited is featured on page 18 of the July edition of CEO Today Magazine. This months magazine focuses on global leadership disruptor’s and how great leaders can manage in a crisis
Original: CEO Today Magazine
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Feature: CEO Today Magazine – page 18
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Entirely Finance, Geoff Hudson-Searle on The Importance of Employee Trust – 3rd April, 2020
Original: Entirely Finance
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London Connected, Geoff Hudson-Searle on ‘Do you Trust and Respect your CEO’ – Survey – 2nd April, 2020
Original: London Connected
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Business in the News, Executive Leadership – Trust and Respect – April 19th 2020
Original: Business in the News
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West London Business – 12th June, 2020
Today’s article publishes an IBEM commissioned trust report. Geoff Hudson-Searle highlighs the ‘7 Things that will change the shape in which we will do business in a post covid19/new normal world’.
Original: West London Business – 7 things that will change in a post-covid 19 workplace
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Association of MBA’s
Geoff Hudson-Searle had a new thought leadership article published with the Association of MBA’s ‘The Age of Compassion post #covid19’. The AMBA has been the impartial authority on postgraduate management education. Its accreditation covers the top 2% of Business Schools in more than 75 countries.
Original: Association of MBA’s ‘The Age of Compassion post #covid19’
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European CEO Summer 2020 (page 42/43)
Geoff Hudson-Searle features in the summer edition of European CEO Magazine. His leadership-piece focuses on business-operations and why employers are turning to furloughs and layoffs to stay in business.
Original: European CEO Summer 2020
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Raconteur – The Sunday Times – 18th May, 2020
Geoff Hudson-Searle gave an expert opinion in The Sunday Times Raconteur supplement, covering business risk – the article in mention is: ‘How to stop an employee exodus post-crisis’
Original: Raconteur – The Sunday Times
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Raconteur – The Hive – 13th May, 2020
Geoff Hudson-Searle features in an article ‘What makes effective HR communications in a crisis?’ His leadership-piece focuses on HR leadership in COVID-19. The methods that companies use to deliver change in order to keep employees engaged and maintain purpose in a crisis – getting it wrong could have real consequences.
Original: Raconteur – The Hive
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ByteStart – The Small Business Portal – 8th April, 2020
Exclusive article from Geoff on Leadership and Trust During Covid-19
Original: ByteStart – The Small Business Portal
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Business up North – 2nd April, 2020
Jonny Sharp interviews Geoff Hudson Searle on the importance of trust.
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Freeths LLP Platinum Magazine – Autumn 2019
Thought leadership, Geoff’s subject was published in the Freeths LLP Platinum Connect -Autumn/Winter Edition. His topic focused on ‘The Challenges of Investment Readiness (Page 3) – ‘What does it take to be Investor-Ready?’.
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Freeths LLP Platinum Magazine – Summer 2019
Thought leadership, Geoff’s subject was published in the Freeths LLP Platinum Connect -Summer Edition. His topic focused on ‘The Challenges of Leadership and Digital Disruption’ (Page 16). A huge set of topics and learnings in today’s disruptive business world.
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Business Works Magazine – 24 January, 2019
“Why change is now constant”
Original article
Internet Archive – Wayback Machine
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Freeths LLP Platinum Magazine – Winter 2018-2019
Geoff Hudson-Searle as a guest writer: “How to infuse boards with entrepreneurial spirit”.
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Lady Wimbledon – 12 May, 2017
“Talking Business with Geoff Hudson-Searle”
Original article
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Huffington Post UK – 6 December, 2016
“What it takes to become an inspiring author”
Original article
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Business Works Magazine – 13 August, 2018
Roger Prentis interviewing Geoff Hudson-Searle
“Communication – your key to success”
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‘Business as unusual Business continuity management in the new world’

The Open University, Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and BCS ELITE organised a webinar on Wednesday 1st July 2020’. Listen to key industry and expert speakers; Chris Youles OU CIO, is CIO at the Open University, Jesmond Baldacchino Head of I.T. Malta Freeport Terminals Ltd and Geoff Hudson-Searle Managing Director – International Business and Executive Management Limited. Hear about strategy, board and executive authority, innovative leadership, creative choices and how to execute in a period of constant change and transformation.

In Episode 23 of The Produce Industry Podcast w/ Patrick Kelly, Patrick chats with Geoff regarding 5 tips returning to work post COVID-19. Get ready for a series of engaging topics in This Produce and Supply Chain Industry Podcast.

Nazareth Qarbozian follow-up interview with Geoff Hudson-Searle on the ‘Battle of the Entrepreneurial Mindset’, COVID 19, Purpose, and Trust, from the outbreak, which addresses the way businesses and people are changing in the reality of the world and digital disruption.

Show host Patrick Kelly of Millennial Boom and the ‘Pineapple Talk Podcast’ (see below) receives his personal copy of ‘Purposeful Discussions’

Geoff Hudson-Searle thought leadership discussion on the current state of the cyber risk landscape at the ‘CRMG and Galvanize Cyber Risk Series’: Getting inside the mind of the Board

In today’s uncertain and volatile world, organizational leaders are under pressure to confidently assess and manage risk and secure their organisations against cyber threats. But how well prepared are boards to achieve this?

Unlike other board governance processes that are more mature, boards don’t always feel fully informed about their true cyber risk profiles or equipped to make the right decisions in line with their governance responsibilities.

In this second part of the Cyber Risk Series, we continue our discussion of the current state of cyber risk, but from the viewpoint of the board. We discuss its role in risk management, and what the CISO and IT leaders can do to overcome the lack of risk management oversight.

Pineapple Talk Podcast – Episode 4

In this episode of Pineapple Talk the International Pineapple Organization host’s Will Cavan and Patrick Kelly chat with Management Guru Geoff Huson-Searle of the United Kingdom.

Geoff is an outsider to our industry, but no stranger from the pineapples of Hawaii and Costa Rica you will find out. Geoff discusses a 3rd party perspective across global business, manufacturing, innovation, leadership and the effects of covid-19 and the 4th industrial revolution to the pineapple industry. A very meaningful conversation!

Jake Shaw of the 12Ronnies talks to Geoff Hudson-Searle about leadership in the era of COVID-19.

Blockchain Educated Interviews

Nazareth Qarbozian interviews Geoff, on Business, the Digital future and his latest book, ‘Purposeful Discussions’, that really focuses on the way businesses and organisations are changing in the reality of this digital disruption.


Rob Lincolne, Founder and CEO of PayDock, interviews and probes with Geoff Hudson Searle, thought-provoking questions across EQ, strategy, risk, governance and leadership in the 4th Industrial Revolution and the topics that provided the pathway to ‘Purposeful Discussions‘.

12 Ronnies –  Jake Shaw

12 Ronnies Jake Shaw talks to Geoff Hudson Searle, discussing how he became a serial business advisor, C-suite executive, author, non-executive director to growth-phase tech companies. and his journey from air force engineer to banking, launching companies like Compaq and Atari.
Troubleshooting, finding business solutions, leadership, and meaningful conversations in the fourth industrial revolution.

Meaningful Conversations

Every day we interact with hundreds of people across dozens of platforms, but how can a meaningful conversation help your business?
Your success is determined in large part by your ability to have a conversation. You can be the best at what you do, but if you’re not communicating effectively with clients, staff and the market, then you’re missing opportunities.
There are many different ways to look at communication in the small-business world — from individual formats such as writing and speaking to different contexts such as client communication and employee management.
Each and every day you will be required to flex your communication muscles and interact; a bad conversation could spell disaster for an employee relationship, a customer or your business.
Alternatively, the right words at the right time could propel your business into places you didn’t think possible and can deliver opportunities that were not available before.

Purposeful Discussions
Martin Lucas, CEO of Mastermindset, challenges discussion and debate with Geoff Hudson-Searle across the meaning of human interaction, why we need a purpose-driven life and Geoff’s new book ‘Purposeful Discussions’

Strategic Partnerships
What do strategic partnerships really mean in today’s business environment?
Strategic partnerships deliver access to new markets or customers, accelerate new product development cycles, and improve a company’s competitive positioning.
They help companies expand their capabilities without the added step of creating those capabilities in-house, increasing business risks by carrying extra costs/assets on the balance sheet.
Companies, therefore, perform more efficiently and adapt more quickly than they would on their own.

Nathaniel Schooler interviewing Geoff Hudson-Searle in Blackdown, Haslemere, Surrey United Kingdom about his views and the purpose across his new book “Meaningful Conversations”.

The Entrepreneurs Library – We take a deep dive into Geoff’s book, “Freedom after the sharks”

What are the paradigms in leadership today?

Geoff Hudson-Searle discusses with Mark F. Herbert the paradigms in today’s leadership

Why trust drives performance in leadership

Geoff Hudson-Searle discusses with Mark F. Herbert how trust can drive employee engagement and value in the performance-driven organisation

The purpose of political change, making a difference

Geoff Hudson-Searle talks to Mark F. Herbert on being a state representative in Oregon.

Prospective’s on international business and executive management

Mark F. Herbert, President of New Paradigms interviews Geoff Hudson-Searle on the international prospective’s of business and executive management

What do strategic partnerships really mean?

Mark F. Herbert, President of New Paradigms, interviews Geoff Hudson-Searle on the true meaning of strategic partnerships in business today.

The roles and responsibilities of the executive director

Mark F. Herbert interviews Geoff Hudson-Searle on the roles, responsibilities and leadership of the independent non-executive director and executive director in today’s constantly evolving business world.

Talk to us about your passion for sharing ideas and writing.

Mark F. Herbert interviews Geoff Hudson-Searle on his passion for sharing ideas/innovation and writing.

The challenge of AI and Robotics in today’s world

Meaningful Conversations – How is it going so far?

So, is there a new book Geoff?

With long-range planning, how can technology advance companies

Let’s talk about the economy