IBEM Executive Thought Leadership Forum – October 2023

IBEM staged its annual event on Thursday 12th October 2023, ‘Unlocking Executive Leadership Through the Trust Economy’ in London at Freeths LLP.

We would like to thank our sponsors at Freeths LLP and all the support Stewart Elliston and his team provided in making this event possible and welcoming to all our guests.

Our key note speakers did a spectacular job in sharing their prospective and wisdom with the audience, a big thank you to our CEO Geoff Hudson-Searle, Dan Ilett, Douglas Lines, Sally Duckworth, Lieutenant Colonel Oakland McCulloch, and Julian Middleton.

The Executive Thought Leadership Forum at IBEM had been in our sights for some time: businesses, particularly in Leadership, need to navigate a different course and see the Global Economy through a different lens – change is speeding up – Change is not a phase, change is constant. CEO’s are being measured with a new yardstick The supreme test of a CEO and board of directors is now the value they create not just for shareholders, but for all stakeholders.

A few key thoughts from the event:

• Trust is fundamental to a healthy organizational culture. Each organization must choose whether to earn a trust dividend or pay a trust-tax.
• Every organization has a culture. The best organizations invest in shaping and nurturing their culture.
• People follow leaders. Compliance-based organizations that do not invest in trust are losing trillions annually.
• Leadership and trust are earned, not an entitlement.
• One toxic manager can poison an organization and your culture is determined by the behaviors your reward and tolerate. Choose carefully.

Invite: IBEM Unlocking Exec Leadership Oct 2023 – Invite
Slides: IBEM Unlocking Exec Leadership Oct 2023 – Slides – V3

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