‘Purposeful Discussions’ Book Launch – March 19, 2020

Purposeful Discussions cover

March 19, 2020
The launch of Purposeful Discussions

Launching “Purposeful Discussions” with a book signing at Waterstones, and Exclusive Invitee Only Party.

My fifth book, “Purposeful Discussions” will be finally launched on 19th March 2020 at Waterstones, and it has been an incredible journey. One that I am so proud of and I sincerely hope you will enjoy reading it.

A gathering of business industry professionals and leaders for our exclusive Spring Equinox Drinks with Jazz get-together in the exclusive surroundings in the City of London.

It will be a wonderful evening of great minds and meaningful conversations across some of today’s greatest challenges in business, business trends and business futures.

This exclusive event will also be the launch for ‘Purposeful Discussions’. This book is now my fifth book in a series of books that provide purpose-driven outcomes in support of some of the most talked-about subjects in life today.

Below you will find some reviews on ‘Purposeful Discussions’


“Geoff has that rare gift of not just being an inspirational speaker and conversationalist, but more importantly in also being able to teach others how to communicate better with more meaningful discussion.

His last book, ‘Meaningful Conversations’, connected its readers to the most fundamental art of conversation, showing how to engage with others through simply talking with one another face to face rather than through the plethora of digital communications tools we’ve all replaced it with. It makes us realise we all need to make more time to be, well, human.

I can’t wait to read his next book which will take readers to that next level of not just engaging with one another in conversation, but to give each encounter purpose and mutual fulfilment. His books make us grow with each page and shows us just how disconnected we’ve become by our dependence on technology, and how to reconnect with our humanity.”

Moran Lerner
Serial Entrepreneur, Executive Director and Investor

“One of the greatest challenges leaders face is being wholly ‘on purpose’ when they communicate, particularly toward the advancement of their personal and organizational vision. In Purposeful Discussions, Geoff Hudson-Searle’s insights and advice serve as a beacon for executives seeking to achieve their goals expeditiously while being personally fulfilled along their journey.”

Lisa Petrilli
Executive leader, strategic marketing and head of Medline patient experience & innovation institute
Medline Industries Inc

“Another great book by Geoff. His insights into the modern world of communication and developing strategy at the highest levels are both revealing and poignant for the turbulent times we live in. An essential book for both those in business and those travelling through the journey of life.”

Neil Alphonso
Entrepreneur and Business leader

“In his latest book, ‘Purposeful Discussions’, author Geoff Hudson Searle continues to reinforce the importance and critical role that face to face conversation plays in achieving organizational goals.

His latest entry describes both the criticality of purposeful discussion and how those key conversations are distinguished from what passes for communication in this age of technology and immediate gratification.

Trust remains the foundation of high functioning relationship and can only be achieved by meaningful dialogue between the parties…..”

Mark F. Herbert
Executive Director of New Paradigms LLC

“Having had the pleasure of reading ‘Freedom after the Sharks’ in which the author takes you on a real-life journey of no-hidden truths about life and business. I was then keen to read ‘Meaningful Conversations’, a book that totally gripped me from start to finish.

It really empathised the importance of communication, strategy, growth and planning. This book gives you the guidance as well as the tools you need to help devise effective solutions to the issues we face in business on a day-to-day basis.

I must admit that I cannot wait for the release of Purposeful Discussions, because if it is anything like the last two books I have read by this author then I know I am in for a very enjoyable read.”

Stewart Elliston

Principal Head of Business Development at Freeths LLP

“Without a doubt in today’s world communication has become key as the personalisation wave encompasses us.
Geoff’s book highlights the ever-increasing importance of framing those conversations correctly in business and in our social circles.

Emphasising the importance of messaging, context and timing. A book worth the read for all business people, irrespective of how experienced you are.

Neil Currie
International Executive Director

“A refreshing insight into the real challenges that decision-makers face in an increasingly dynamic and demanding business environment. Geoff has taken an honest look into how technology and human interaction co-operate and how this union can effect positive outcomes for us. A must-read for anyone with an entrepreneurial mindset.”

Michael Sharp DipPFS, ACII
Principal of Sharp Wealth Management, Associate Partner Practice of St. James’s Place Wealth Management Plc

“Purposeful communications and discussions have to be learnt as they are element skills of professionals. Geoff’s book is an amazing, tool for us all to develop these skills. Don’t stop learning keep earning!”

Susanna Toth
H-Net Translation Agency
Associate Partner of Trade Bridge Group

“There are very few people that truly understand how to have a meaningful and productive conversation and I can say the Geoff is one of those individuals.
Active listening and the ability to communicate effectively is key to success. I look forward to reading the new book.”

Hitachi Vantara
North America Delivery Leader – Insights and Data