Countdown to the launch of my second book: “Meaningful Conversations”

The books are printed and we are all set for the launch of my new book ‘Meaningful Conversations’! Interestingly enough the launch date for my book is 28th January 2017, which coincides with Chinese New Year.

The first day of the 2017 Chinese New Year is also the day of the new moon and under the Chinese horoscope, ‘The Red Fire Chicken’. The Chicken is the Female Metal, which is the 8th element in the list of Yin Yang stems. Number 8 is a very lucky number to Chinese in Feng Shui application. In short, the Chinese believe the number 8 is connected to big wealth and prosperity. Therefore, the Chicken of 2017 might lay a golden egg – lets hope my new book has much Feng Shui!

Advance Information – by Geoff’s publisher

I am super excited, I am absolutely celebrating with Joy, the book has been 3 years in the making and launches this week!

I would like to thank my mentor and business partner in the US, Mark and his wonderful wife Jackie for being totally amazing, frankly Meaningful Conversations would not of happened without them, Sylvie and Liam, thank you for being there through my periods of writing lows and highs, the laughter, joy and love was a true support and inspiration, Lisa thank you for giving me the huge kick exactly when I needed it, you are amazing and thank you for your unconditional friendship, a huge thank you to my publisher Matador, Jeremy and his team were simply there when I needed you most and Jacques from my media agency 3J, you were incredible through the whole process, and a big thank you to all my friends and associates who I have not mentioned, thank you for your support.

Many people ask me what it is like to write books with different genre’s Freedom after the Sharks was a Non-Fiction and Meaningful Conversations is Fiction. So many people say they could never dedicate the time to finish a book. I believe if you have a purpose or idea that is so strong in your head and you really want to communicate this message to the world, then you can write, it will come through your heart, this is where the saying comes from ‘writing straight from the soul’. Writing is much easier when you can concentrate in a quiet space about something you really believe in.

So, why “Meaningful Conversations”?
Some of the most passionately debated subjects in business today are: Communications, Strategy and Business Development and Growth.

In February 2014, I set out as an author of Freedom after the Sharks, to write a weekly blog across a variety of subjects and foremost about people in business, opinions, research and tips, advise on some revelations, past and present.

I felt compelled to write about the relationship between communications (human 2 human), strategy and business development and growth. It is important to understand that a number of the ideas, developments and techniques employed at the beginning as well as the top of business can be successfully made flexible to apply.

Here is a short video interview across some of the book topics and some strategic push buttons in business today:

Communications, Strategy and Business Development and Growth are essential for success and profitability in the business process.
This book provides a holistic overview of the essential leading methods of techniques. It will provide you with a hands on guide for business professionals and those in higher education.

Readers will gain insights into topical subjects, components of Communications, Strategy and Business Development and Growth, including a wide range of tips, models and techniques that will help to build strong and effective solutions in today’s business world.

The terms ‘Communications’, Strategy’ and Business Development and Growth’ have become overused during the last decade and have become devalued as a result. In this book I aim to simplify these terms and to re-value management and leadership by addressing topics and subjects in each distinctive chapter

As Anthony Robbins once said:

“The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives.”

The book therefore covers all the essential components of Communications, Strategy and Business Development and Growth, but ensures that they are described in an engaging, enjoyable way with clarity.

My new book has arrived!


The book is divided into three key areas to make it easy to find the material you need. Each component is easy to locate by the titles of the short story at the top of the pages. Each chapter within the three components relates strongly to each other but is also interrelated to all the other chapters. Those with interest on certain topics may wish to start at their area of interest first, while those who prefer to read the book from the first page to the end will proceed as they started, there really is a topic for everyone in the book.

Business professionals and individuals in the great challenges of today’s business world have renewed responsibility for what business does best; innovate, invest and grow. Many people wait until circumstances force change and transformation, that can be radical and painful, this book will arm you with the tips, advise and techniques to provide fresh thinking to your everyday environment and to innovate your circumstances for a better environment, we are all extraordinary people and have the ability to share and provide wealth creation and richness to our surroundings, the question is how much do we want to be extraordinary.

This book has been written not just for people in a company or organisation, it is about helping and supporting understanding across a wide variety of subjects to anyone in life; students, budding entrepreneurs, business people and aspiring individuals.

For a free download of the first chapter, please follow this following link: geoff-hudson-searle-meaningful-conversations-free-chapter

Meaningful Conversations will be available via Amazon, Apple, Google Play, Nook, Kodo, Smashwords, Waterstones, Barnes and Noble in hardback, paperback, kindle, e-book from 28th January 2017 pre-sales on the book can be reached via Matador Publishing.

To purchase the book, the following links will take you to your preferred channel:

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Meaningful Conversations Website: Meaningful Conversations

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