Update and bookcovers of my new book: “Meaningful Conversations”

Though we all are working very hard on my new book: “Meaningful Conversations”, we had to postpone the publication date until January 28th, 2017. Certain elements in rewriting the third section and aligning the launch plans created a few challenges, but we are nearly there!

It gives us some more time (and a Christmas break): I plan on doing another video-interview, both on what happened since my first book: “Freedom after the sharks” and what this new approach and strategy of “Meaningful Conversations” will be about. Plus some general observations and experiences, of course.

I’m truly excited to share the new bookcovers with you! Jeremy and his committed team at Troubador Publishing have been amazing, and working hard on delivering the final book, not only across the design, content and editing the book, but also by putting the sales-pages ready! Meaningful Conversations will be available in e-book/kindle, paperback and hardback formats.

Hard-cover: Troubador Info

Meaningful Conversations - hard-cover

Paperback: Troubador Info

Meaningful Conversations - paperback

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