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There are always businesses competing against you for your customer’s attention. It really is not enough to have a website, blogs and content on social media and wait for customers to come to you. You have to distribute your customers with information they care and which you are proud of, in today’s economy you need to make a difference and consistently add value.

This is why case studies are a great marketing example of your integrity and work. Businesses can use them to show how their product or service has been implemented successfully by their own customers instead of simply talking about their products.

Below you find a case study on one of our previous customers, without our support and on-going transformation of their business, the company would not have realised its full potential through objectives and financial goals.

The Client
Our client is a company that supplies travel safety service and incident management across the whole planet via the two global satellite systems, was seeking funding to enable the rapid growth opportunity identified within their 5 year plan, to be realised. This service enables business travellers, sportspeople and remote inhabitants in all parts of the World to summon assistance when in danger, hurt or just lost. It even enables concerned parents to track their student offspring in their travels after graduation not to mention military applications.

This unique offering requires funding and a sound management team to realise its full potential. HSi brought considerable experience, a network of key resources and management coaching to enable the potential investors not only realise the opportunity for capital growth but also to be inspired by an enthusiastic, purposeful management team. Support in building the company and a global network of Response Centres to ensure effective growth, meet demanding shareholder expectations, and fulfil its customer service response expectations, the company after our SWOT analysis required a complete redesign and build.

An Organisation designed for Growth
Confidence in the management team to achieve the business plan was an essential pre-requisite for securing the funding.
Following a detailed examination of the essential business processes required to drive the business, the key positions were identified and job descriptions defined as well as the nature of recruit to best fulfil the role. This also included the various Joint Ventures. The other core process is cash management as it is essential that the funds were re-distributed to the appropriate components of the manufacturing process, and synchronised the production flow and mix to satisfy the demand from the sales groups, in a way that catered for high-demand and rapid growth.

Helping their clients enhance services to their own customers
Most of the larger clients provided the Company’s products to their members as a client service or added security for their property.
HSi helped them define the most appropriate marketing approach to address the large volume prospects thereby enhancing sales productivity and direct registrations on the network.

To support the new management process, HSi have supported and delivered to the management team to a new organisational structure with defined resource levels, clear roles and responsibilities and training as well as new methods of performance management. In addition, focused training and coaching will help the whole team develop an integrated service ethic to deliver the most effective and sensitive service to their clients when ‘that call’ comes in wherever around the World.

Meeting the Business Need
Continuing support from HSi has enabled the Management team not only to achieve the required fund raising but also design, build and manage an effective organisation to deliver their own aggressive plan and eventually lead to stock market placement.


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