Chats with cool cats!


wpid-new_tw_gallery_img.pngI recently visited Sedona – Arizona in the United States of America, whilst this visit was a vacation I was pleased to catch up with my friends and in particular Maia Kincaid, PH.D and author.

We met at the ChocolTree Café on W.89A in Sedona, I have been fascinated by this café every time I have visited Sedona, ChocolaTree is a sanctuary garden café set in the beautiful Redrock of Sedona, so I was pleased to have the pleasure to meet Maia for a true author discussion over lunch.

Maia came to understand that fulfillment in life is generated primarily by an attitude or manner of relating with oneself – a way of being with oneself and in the world. This primary relation with oneself she discovered served as the foundation for well-being, contentment and relations with others, and the environment.

With Maia’s sincere desire to make a difference and her joy in encouraging others to their success she discovered her own sense of purpose and realised her talent as a mentor and coach in life. In addition to the delight she experiences communicating with pets and their people, Maia, discovered her absolute delight in people awakening to their natural ability to talk with animals and even more wonderful for her is when a new Animal Communicator emerges and talks with people and their pets, and gives classes too! Maia discovered that having great Animal Communicators out in the world doing the work is the fulfillment of her dreams.

fishing 2 750Hence the creation of The Sedona International School for Animal & Nature Communication and Animal Communication University. Through her programs Maia is out to have every animal have their voice! With each new extraordinary Animal Communicator, Nature Communicator & Veterinary Animal Communicator successfully communicating with animals and their people that many more animals have their voice. The voice of animals is our access as human beings to the love and wisdom which transforms life for us humans, which transforms life for animals and the planet. We need their point of view, their love and their wisdom to help us come home to ourselves and compassionate living on the planet.

Her new book The Cat’s Meow is all about chats with cool cats, Maia explained have you ever wondered what your cat was thinking or why they do the things they do? The Cat’s Meow: Chats with Cool Cats is the most incredible adventure into the mind, heart and spirit of our feline companions, through actual telepathic communication with real cats. It’s an enlightening and inspiring account of the relationship between cats and their people. As you read the pages you literally experience the telepathic communication with cats and an invitation and guidance to talk with your own feline family members

As a child, Maia sought the wisdom of nature to find peace and understanding in being human. Today, as a contemporary author of animal & nature communication books and spiritual teacher, she guides people in conversing with animals, plants and the Earth as well as with their own body, mind and spirit.

An amazing story, I asked Maia if there was one thing that she was exceptionally proud of in her life, she replied “One thing I have learned for sure in my conversations with animals is that what I or another human may see as the limit to what’s possible is not the same as what the animals see. They continually amaze me with their request to simply open our minds and hearts. And when our minds and hearts are open, a whole new adventure begins – beyond what we can even imagine is possible!

Amazing, it was great to meet Maia and hear about her new book and developments/successes with the animal world, Maia truly has an amazing gift to community and society, imagine if all humans could connect with each other the way Maia connects with animals, truly it would be profound for collaborating and communication.