A balanced business

DNA of a business modelThe pursuit of business success often comes at the cost of our personal life. We do not say no to another international trip. We put in the late-night hours to get a proposal just right. And we often throw ourselves into our work to avoid getting close to people or of coping when they disappoint us.

Could it all be different? Can you build a balanced business that leaves room for a personal life? And what if, in this business, you get to work with people who are interested in achieving the same kind of balance?

This thought became my new business philosophy: sharing, encouraging others – and ultimately trust. My mission statement is based on this thinking, philosophy, and discovery.

I started writing my mission statement by exploring my perceptions of various words. For example, I thought that confidence meant having or showing certainty; surety meant having complete trust in someone or something; respect required genuine actions based on loyalty. I considered whether people too often jumped to conclusions, analyzing a person or a situation too quickly and shallowly. Soon I was ready to clearly formulate my thoughts.

Are you ready to write your mission statement? How do you balance your business with your personal life?